Mailing Address and Donations to:
Ken Lowndes for US Senate
5040 Old Taylor Mill Rd.
Suite #7
Taylor Mill, KY 41015

  • Born in 1953
  • Married in 1985
  • 2 beautiful children
  • Professional sales background – one of the first salesmen for Electronic Reader Boards or Electronic Outdoor Signs (Signs that look like TV)
  • Ran for US Congress as an independent in New Jersey in the early nineties — Was one of the early candidates to put on TV ads opposing abortion
  • Also ran for US Congress in Michigan in 2000 on the Reform Party when Pat Buchanan ran for President on the Reform Party that year.
  • Came up with the idea to add Gold or Silver strands to paper money so that paper money would have intrinsic value in the year 2000. Ken called it: IVAMU — which is an acronym for “Intrinsic Value Added Monetary Unit” —