George Floyd Killing

There are many questions and odd facts about the George Floyd killing at the hands of the man in the police uniform, Derek Chauvin

  1. George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked at the same nightclub as BOUNCERS for (apparently) 17 years.
  2. If they knew each other for a long time, why does Floyd call Chauvin “officer” instead of “Derek” when telling Chauvin he can’t breathe ?
  3. News outlets reported that his neighbors did not know that Chauvin was a policeman, and never saw him in a police car or in a police uniform. They thought he was a real estate agent and/or insurance man.
  4. Why did Chauvin stay kneeling on Floyd’s neck after Floyd was handcuffed, and stay kneeling on him for 8 minutes and 40 seconds when he knew he was being filmed by numerous hostile people who were asking him to get off Floyd?
  5. Why is the camera work so perfect? Whoever is filming seems to be using a camera or a cell phone on a tripod — not holding a cell phone in their hand, as there is no shaking as would almost certainly be the case at some point in such a long cell phone filming.
  6. Since Floyd was driving a very expensive car, why didn’t he just give the store another $20 once they discovered the first $20 was counterfeit? And said he didn’t know it was? Or just leave and say he had to get more money? Why did he stay around to fight with the police? One of our team once got a countefeit $50 from a local bank and tried to spend it at Popeye Chicken. When they discovered it was counterfeit, our team member didn’t dispute it, but just said they didn’t know and gave the drive through attendant other money. (It took a week to get it straightened out with the bank, and it was a clever counterfeit $50 that fooled their machines. No one thought of getting the police involved. ??????
  7. Some are suggesting that the reason Chauvin and Floyd worked at the same nightclub so long as bouncers was because it was a front for laundering drug money, counterfeiting, and, some are suggesting, even for child trafficking. Investigation must continue.
  8. George Floyd had cocaine and one other serious illegal drug in his system when he died.
  9. Chauvin was married to MRS. Minnesota, an attractive Oriental woman, who filed for divorce from Chauvin the day after the killing of George Floyd.
  10. Floyd was a porn actor, apparently in many “movies”.
  11. Floyd has a son who is now a young man who he had not seen Floyd (his dad) since the son was 4 years old.
  12. Floyd had a long criminal record, and had spent considerable time in prison.
  13. Chauvin had 18 complaints against him as a policeman of 18 years.
  14. There were two autopsies. The first said Floyd died of a heart attack, the second autopsy, ordered by the family, found he died of asphyxiation. Both found he had two serious illegal drugs in his system.

In any case, the killing of George Floyd appears to be a ritual killing professionally filmed for television, and used to try to inflame race wars and to demonize all policemen.

The sudden cry, magnified by the Big Media, to “defund the police” is fraudulent.

What the Shadow Government and their communist mouthpieces want to do is to defund LOCAL police and replace them with an international police force of sociopaths and thugs who will be brutal to the people in their hoped for future world Communist tyranny.

The Shadow Government tried to promote this type of thing in the late 1960s during the riots that preceded and followed the shooting of Martin Luther King. At that time, the late Alan Stang wrote an important book entitled, “It’s Very Simple” about this attempt to replace local police (who were neighbors and usually grew up in the city they policed) with an international KGB type police force of sociopaths and cruel thugs. Stang wrote for the publications of the John Birch Society. Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society in 1958, started a committee in the late sixties, “Support your local police – and keep them independent.” At the time many wondered why there was such a committee. Now we know. We must support our local police — and keep them independent of the worldwide Bankster-driven Communist Shadow Government, that means to put the entire world under a Communist Tyranny.