This might also be called the “Election Integrity” page, or the “Honest Elections” page.

The two links below explain how to hold honest elections vs. the illegal SECRETLY COUNTED computerized elections we have now in the USA. Except for 1/2 of New Hampshire, all of our elections are illegal by two standing US Supreme Court Decisions. Honest elections demand easily read paper ballots counted by human beings in the open (before witnesses) BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight.  And the results immediately posted on the wall and also now on the internet.

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See the  Report to the Presidential Election Commission for how votes must be counted.

Election Night Gatekeepers – The Intro explains how our illegal computerized elections are conducted, and who are the 12 corporations  helping impose these easily rigged computerized elections upon us in 49 1/2 states on every November Presidential Election night since 1988.